Vibrating Mini Sex Ball


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Blow it up, sit on it, and enjoy the wild ride!
The Vibrating Mini Sex Ball is no ordinary vibrator…

It’s an inflatable cushion made for pushing that lets you control the fun.

Choose a setting on the multi-speed dial and enjoy the vibrations delivered by the firm vibrating dong.

The Sex Ball is covered in soft vinyl, and the two handles allow you to get deeper than ever before.

Best of all, the inflatable Sex Ball is made to play hard.

It holds up to 300 lbs and won’t let you down when the fun heats up.

Feel the thrills and explore your deepest fetish fantasies!


Features of the Vibrating Mini Sex Ball also include.

  • Sex Ball with 15 cm Vibrating Dildo
  • Free Samples
  • Free Satin Love Mask

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