Vegan Leather Mask


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Fetish Submissive Vegan perfect elastic leather mask for your bondage games.

Why use a mask in the bdsm game?

It means in the sexual code: Sell me your eyes!

It is when the mask becomes the sole controlling force behind a person’s sexuality.

Put this Vegan Leather Mask on your lover to give it a mysterious and interesting touch at the moment.

Induce your lover to a state of darkness that enhances their sexual appetite.

This mask is fastened with a comfortable strip of elastic fabric. Made of vegan leather.

Made of material; Neoprene, Nickel free metal and Vegan leather.

The Fetish Submissive collection is the perfect one for BDSM, quality and resistance suitable for any game!

Fetish Submissive Vegan is 100% Adjustable


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