Super Rutscher Anal Lube


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Super Rutscher Anal Lube is the world’s first 100% natural lubricant!

With many years of experience as Europe’s leading manufacturer of lubricants.

It was therefore very important to the company to develop for the market, a product that has skin-friendly properties.

With BIO glide, this aim has become reality!

Super Rutscher Anal Lube BIO glide meets the highest quality standards and is extremely skin-friendly, which means it can be used for unlimited periods of time.

This is a particular benefit to people who like to use lubricants frequently during lovemaking, or who require long-term use of lubricants to be able to enjoy pain-free lovemaking.

The hopping hare by intense is an amazing vibrating cock ring with 1 mode of vibration.


Features of the hopping hare also include.

  • Material: Silicone
  • Color: Purple
  • Removable bullet
  • 1 mode of vibration
  • Textured nubs for extra stimulation


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