Silicone BenWa Ball Set


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Black Colour Silicone BenWa Ball Set

Their different size and weights make them perfect for vaginal stimulation, and with regular use, you’ll enjoy both improved muscle control and stronger, more frequent orgasms.

Train yourself while stimulating, starting from the smallest upwards.

The Silicone BenWa Ball Set are made from smooth silicone and black in colour.

  • Biggest Ball Length: 16.2 CM
  • Medium Ball Length: 15.5 CM
  • Smallest Ball Length: 12 CM


  • Biggest Ball Weight: 65 g
  • Medium Ball Weight: 55 g
  • Smallest Ball Weight: 40 g


  • Biggest Ball Diameter: 3 CM
  • Medium Ball Diameter: 2.9 CM
  • Smallest Ball Diameter: 3.5 CM

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