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Introducing the Remote Control Rabbit Ring, the amazing couples-friendly rabbit-style ring that puts your partner in total control of the fun!

The days of men controlling the remote control are over!

Driven by an RC frequency that works up to 25 feet, this wireless cock ring is the perfect couples toy that will add a new dimension to your lovemaking!

Take control of the remote yourself or surrender it to your partner and give them total control!

The wireless remote allows you to cycle through 20 thrilling pulsation patterns to find a function that’s just right for you!

You control when and how often the rabbit vibrates, while you both enjoy the kind of sex you’ve only dreamt about.

He’ll enjoy thicker and fuller erections, prolonged ejaculations, and an overall boost in confidence!

She’ll enjoy super powerful clitoral vibrations directly positioned on her sweet spot.

You both will enjoy taking turns who gets to control the remote!

The Remote Control Rabbit Ring made from body-safe, phthalate-free Silicone, this ring easily stretches for comfort.

The top ring wraps snug around your shaft while the bottom ring wraps around your whole package.

The fluttering rabbit ears are carefully positioned to stimulate her clit, while the super-stretchy ring puts a squeeze on performance letdowns.

He’ll be bigger, thicker, and harder than ever before, while she enjoys wall-banging climaxes and mind-blowing orgasms.


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