Leather Collar Nipple Clamp


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Fetish Submissive leather collar with nipple clamp vegan attached by metal chain.

Made of soft vegan leather and finished with two nippers with nipples with chains, this set of collar with tweezers ensures your subject to the moment.

The comfortable collar adjusts easily to almost all sizes, while nipple clamps offer just the right tension in the right place.

Simply adjust the screw to the nipples until it is snug and comfortable and start to enjoy the pleasure of a good pinch.

Its rubber coatings will allow that with the action of the moment they do not slide and remain in their place.

The leather collar has a strong ring to connect a strap and thus have your subject, well subject.

The nipple clamps are connected to the collar with metal chains.

It is perfect for beginners and durable enough for the most experienced fetish enthusiasts!

This slave collar with vegan leather, nickel free and durable metal chain is perfect for advanced players.

Use this toy alone or with other Fetish Submissive items.

  •  Made of material; Neoprene, Nickel free metal and Vegan leather.

The Fetish Submissive collection is the perfect one for BDSM, quality and resistance suitable for any game!


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