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Feel every one of Fleshjack Brent Everett’s intimate folds and curves in his Superkin sleeve.

Created from his actual body casting and infused with his signature Ecstasy texture in an exclusive powder-blue case.

Outside, this male masturbator has the unique and exclusive design of Fleshjack.

Fleshjack is the best seller male masturbators brand for gays in the world.

The exclusive design and famous sleeves with the best porn actors.

Inside, sleeves are made with realistic material looks like real skin and it adapts to the temperature of your body so will be more realistic.

Fleshjack Brent is an anus design is so amazing inside and outside!.

Inside is an exact replica of this actor so it makes it an exclusive and unique piece.

With this male masturbator you’ll get the most realistic masturbating sex experience.

Fleshjack masturbators includes two caps, the main, to cover the sleeve and the second to regulate pressure, therefore, masturbation regulation.

  • Brent Everett Ecstasy sleeve
  • Fleshjack Texture: Ecstasy
  • Style: Butt
  • Easy to clean and use
  • Material: High quality Superkin material
  • Color: Flesh

Fleshjack is the world leader and best seller male masturbators for gays.

The use of real molds in real persons, the high quality of materials make this brand in a brand for men and their pleasure unique in the world!



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