Booty Power Bullet


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Booty Power Bullet

How did Power Bullet get its name?
The undying demand for more power committed to make a bullet that would ‘rock your world’. The first single-speed prototype provided unbelievably powerful vibrations from such a small source. It would amaze people who turned it on for the first time, and many of them have been in the industry for many years. Even better, it would often run continuously for up to an hour. Power Bullet is the most fitting name for something with this kind of power hidden in a tiny shell.

Why have 1-Speed and 3-Speed?
Power Bullet intimidated some first timers or casual users with its enormous power, so the 3-Speed was born to accommodate everyone. The 3-Speed at the push of a button it switches between low, medium, and high speeds.

What is ‘press and hold’?
The ‘press and hold’ function is a new twist on the conventional 3-speed Power Bullet technology. It incorporates multi-speed levels along with the length of time you press down on the button. Made to engage the human instinct to touch and hold, the famous Booty Power Bullet now has you holding on for more power!

The Booty Power Bullet is Powered by Power Bullet Breeze.

Diameter: 0.8 – 1.5 cm
Insert-able length: 17.5 cm

Comes with two sets of batteries to double the pleasure!

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