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All Pump Addicted pumps are here to impress with a fantastic variety of penis growth devices!
Pump addicted is the best way to improve your sexual performance, size and strength.

We have sent product samples to men between 25 and 55 years old with erection problems or simply to improve the performance and size of the penis. The feedback was 100% positive, all have proven to be the best product on the market.

Pump Addicted helps to achieve erection in a more simple way using a vacuum system that causes the blood to concentrate in the penis when it is still flaccid.

The erection is achieved and maintained by a comfortable and hermetic seal at the base of the body, just at the junction of the penis with the pubis, thanks to which blood is kept in the trunk.

Thanks to the sleeve, the seal is firm, comfortable and narrow without squeezing.

Technical Specifications of Pump Addicted RX3;

  • Insertable length; 24 cm
  • Total internal diameter; 6 cm
  • Material; Abs + Silicone
  • Waterproof

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