Bondage Erotica

When it comes to kink, they say you should start softer than soft and progress softer than soft. At least, Nicole remembered reading that somewhere. But that wasn’t how she wanted to go about it. As soon as she found herself with a partner who would be a willing participant and submissive to her sexual …

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Leather Wrist Cuffs

Restraints Erotica

Calla wasn’t a reckless person. No, she was downright risk-averted. But she loved the feeling when she was on a ride at the fair or strapped into a roller coaster and hanging upside down. In those moments, the world was quiet; everything seemed to stop. She had no control. Either she would make it out …

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Doxy Number 3

Intimacy Erotica

Stacey felt that she and Darren had been drifting apart for a little bit. She wasn’t worried that they were headed for divorce, but she had noticed the distance. It was understandable, after all. Darren had been caring for his aging mother, who had recently passed. Stacey had gotten a promotion at work that seemed …

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Obsessive Bunny Suit

Neighbours Erotica

I’m not a religious guy, but even I know that you’re not supposed to covet your neighbor’s wife. Still, I wonder if they, whoever the proverbial “they” may be, would give me a pass if they saw my neighbors wife. I mean, come on! With a body like hers – toned from tennis and the …

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Vibrating Strap on Set

Lesbian Erotica

Kara didn’t want to believe the trope about lesbian bed death, but she and Tracy hadn’t had sex in what felt like forever. At first, Kara hadn’t even noticed. She was so elated to find someone with whom she connected and could share nerdy hobbies and dad jokes. The beginning of their relationship had been …

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kissable massage gel caramel

Straight Sex Erotica

Straight Sex. As he sipped his beer and leaned against one wall of the bar, he wondered why he was there. He’d heard, despite anecdotal reports from his friends, that bars were actually terrible places to meet straight women. And the half-empty bar he scanned seemed evidence enough of that fact. Most of the bar’s …

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Gay Erotica

Gay Erotic Stories Adrian was sick of being alone. He was tired of not having anyone to date. He’d had enough of the lonely nights, with no one to curl up next to. And he was sick of his hand being the only one that ever wrapped around his cock. But Adrian had a problem. …

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Classic Silicone Vibrator Purple

Bisexual Erotica

Lydia watched Jen as she lifted bags of soil, tore them open, and filled the beds of her garden, the muscles in her arms showing as she did. Lydia watched her friend dig into the soil with hands and trowel, removing roots and weeds. Jen occasionally ripped apart weeds with her bare hands. She hadn’t …

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Sex Toys for Him

Many people think that sex toys are just for women, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. There are plenty of sex toys for men, and men might enjoy using sex toys that are typically marketed to women as well. The main categories of men’s sex toys are masturbators, cock rings (that can also …

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Couples sex toys

Couples Sex Toys

While most sex toys can be used by couples, some toys are designed specifically to be used by more than one person at a time. Couples’ vibrators are specific devices that can be inserted vaginally while a penis is also penetrating to provide vibrations to both. Vibrating cock rings offer a similar benefit while helping …

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